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ISO 14001-2015 certification, update of some TDSs, update of Sum of the outputs

Published 23. 2. 2022 10:44

September 2020 - Update of TDSs, Sealing curves and Sum of the outputs

Published 17. 9. 2020 9:27

Control audit ISO 9001:2016

In start of this year we have been successfully verified under the quality management system ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016.


Author: TP Published 22. 1. 2018 9:33

Snowman Viktor - greetings to all visitors

Snowman Viktor.jpg

Published 8. 3. 2016 11:39

Documentation update!

TDS, MSDS and Sum of the outputs have been updated.

The viscosity limits and specific weights of some lacquers have been modified according to the current values based on standard production. MSDS are completely reworked according to the legislation in force.

Published 8. 2. 2016 13:35

ISO 9001 audit

We have been successfully re-certified under the quality management system ISO 9001:2009.

Published 2. 2. 2016 14:01

Trends in development

All the products of our company are the result of our long-term research and development. We keep on developing new products, while expanding our activities in other applications and different systems, too.

Currently our focus is on the development of hardening lacquers based on polyesters and epoxides for coil-coating. We have begun venturing into the sphere of water-based systems. We have continuously been working to improve our existing range of hot-seal lacquers and primers and expand it with polyester lacquers which are expected to deliver exquisite barrier properties and applicability onto the ever-more used PET foils, both on the side of the cup and on the side of the lid. Also, in response to a steadily growing demand, we keep ourselves busy developing a primer for polyolefin (PP, PE) foils, as well as primers intended for UV printing.

Published 27. 6. 2014 8:10

In-house technological adjustment

Over the past couple of weeks we have managed to put into operation new stirring machines whose advanced design is providing more perfect and less energy-intensive mixing.

Yet the most marked change is represented by installation of an in-line dispersing facility. This equipment provides even more perfect dispersing of inorganic components contained namely in the universal hot-seal lacquers. As a result, we obtain a higher homogeneity and, ultimately, more even coats with better barrier resistance.

Published 27. 6. 2014 8:09

RTO device insalled

Was installed RTO device for reducing the VOC discharged into the atmosphere.

Published 3. 3. 2014 13:26

Re-certification of ISO 9001:2009

We have been successfully re-certified under the quality management system ISO 9001:2009.

Published 3. 3. 2014 13:19

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