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VIKTOR trade, Ltd is engaged in production, trading and development of specialty lacquers intended mainly for applications in food and pharmaceutical packaging. These are heat sealing lacquers, primers, barrier lacquers etc. We are a purely Czech-owned company established in 1996.

Originally, the company was founded to trade in special and recyclable sorts of paper; its tendency towards the production of specialty lacquers, which is exactly what the company is engaged in these days, began back in 1998.

Since then, we have been successful in penetrating this specific segment of the packaging industry, i.e. the production of specialty lacquers. We have launched an intensive development of other products that are used in lacquering aluminium foils designed for applications in the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Initially, we co-operated exclusively with the Czech customers. Extensive bilateral co-operation and the understanding of our respective needs have been instrumental in our product development, namely in terms of practical testing of the lacquers being developed and, subsequently, their selling. A rented warehouse was gradually turned into a chemical production facility, with the paper trading line steadily diminishing.

In 2003, our product assortment had widened enough for us to approach new customers. As part of our effort to build up a new business strategy, a decision was taken to pay attention to the then unsaturated, low-competition Central and – in particular – Easter European markets.

2004 brought – among other things – a successful certification of the Quality Assurance System according to ISO 9001:2001 standard.

In 2006, a major part of the production facility compound was reconstructed and approved by the house inspection authority, and design works began on an even grander rebuilding, including new offices for the staff, an increased warehouse storage capacity, investment in technologies and safety of work, as well as increased production capacity. This stage of rebuilding commenced in 2008 and was completed by 2010.

In between 2009 and 2010, we realized and innovation project as part of what was called The Operation Programme of Enterprise and Innovation. The same innovation subsidy programme took place once again in 2014. Thus, financial means from both the EU Structural Funds and the Czech Government budget were secured, making it possible for us to purchase new state-of-the-art technology for our laboratory.

In the meantime, the development of new products continued and is still in progress today. We carry on introducing new products successfully. Today we think it is appropriate to classify our company as an established manufacturer of lacquers for food and pharmaceutical packaging. The number of customers we have, our product range and the production volume keep on rising. Back in 2001, our entire annual production output made 52 tonnes of lacquers. In 2005, 394 tonnes, in 2008, 502 tonnes and in 2010 as many as 868 tonnes. In 2011, our production output exceeded the 1 kilotonne mark, with the trend being still upwards. Our current performance exceeds 1,5 kilotonne.

In 2014 we installed the RTO system to lower air pollutants.

The company is presently co-owned by three partners.

The company has been continuously investing in perfecting its production technology and processes so that the quality of products can be enhanced and the production capacity increased. Equally, the laboratory rear spaces and environmental considerations have been included in our investment plan.

The trend is now towards expanding our existing production with lacquers whose applications are related to those of the current products. It concerns reactive systems for coil-coating technologies and also water-based lacquers.

(date to 2015)

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